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Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing has the ability to generate relevant return on investments. This is a proof that social media strategies are crafted with a strong, solid, and firm business goal. Social media marketing’s experimentation era has been long over because it has already proven its viability and its lucrative potential as a marketing channel.

As several companies are jumping on the bandwagon of social media, the significant thing now is providing value and not adding to the already cluttered social web. They connect with the prospective customers using the correct platforms. Social media marketing is a big arena of engaging loyal friends, fans, and followers with the use of paid and organic media.

As a social media company in India, Exploresys Social Media Marketing is making business presence on social media possible. Through their in-depth development and research of new social media strategies, and their approach to social media marketing, they are now one of the top progressing social media agencies. This social media agency is building branding, brand visibility and awareness, market base, customer loyalty and strong digital presence through social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Process

The process of social media marketing can be summarized into five basic points:
1) Social Identity,
2) Community Activation,
3) Content Strategy,
4) Social Campaigns, and
5) Social Intelligence.
All these five factors contribute to the success of social media marketing and aids social media optimization.

Social Media Strategy

Social business can be successful through the help of an efficient social media strategy, which can be executed as a very powerful social influencer to generate more prospective leads that can be turned into paying customers.

Social Media Audit

Social media audit will be the one to explore current issues, situations, and potential issues that may arise with your current business. Through this, opportunities can be lay out and connect to multiple touch points.

Social Profile Creation

Social profile creation serves well in managing online presence and helps in developing businesses and brands on variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring is part social media marketing’s analytics services that focuses on providing real-time insights into present Internet filtering activities in social networks.

Community Management

Community management is responsible for promoting brands on social networks. This creates its own persona and goes to the online community actively to connect with potential customers.

Social Context Development & Deployment

Developing and deploying social context through social media will help users to be aware of every social situation and have access to relevant information.

Content Development & Distribution

Writing content can used to share a business’ success story that can positively establish its name on social media through blogs or other social sources.

Social Media Analytics

Measurement serves as one of the cores of social media marketing. Social media analytics devour data that can help in building content strategies through reports and insights tailored around clients.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a tangible driver of sales and leads. With increasing social ads on social networks, there is a great response that can come from millions of users.


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