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Email Marketing

Emails -The best cost efficient channel - Create valuable personal touches



Personalizing your campaign

Any field from your dataset of subscribers can be included in your message subject line or email body for powerful personalization. You will even be able to personalize the “from” section if you are going to send on behalf of a particular group.

Bulk email marketing service

These days, there are countless online email software letting you make e-newsletter and email, which you can send to your target audiences. However, good bulk email services are much more than just importing a contact list and clicking the send button. In order to make the most out of the email marketing, you need professionals who have knowledge about the ins and outs of implementing successful strategies for email marketing. This will enable you to get maximum ROI, and we are offering you that expertise. As a reliable email marketing company, our marketing team makes sure that you would get higher convert rates by making emails that are interactive and appealing, and are not lost in the massive sea of unwanted spam messages.

Subscribe and unsubscribe options

With our domain, you will select the way recipients unsubscribe from your email campaign. You should give them an option to unsubscribe immediately with just one click, or you may direct them to your subscription form.

Sending schedule

You can schedule the time that you want to send your newsletter. You can set a defined time in the future for a once-off send or you can schedule a recurring send to go out at the same time each month, week, or day.

Multiple list sends

If your recipients have been organized into multiple lists, is not a problem because our email marketing services have our list management system. You are enabled to send the same campaign to any chosen lists without duplication. We will remove the duplicate entries automatically.

Customization of your subscription form

We are providing a subscription form that enables you to select the contact details that you desire to capture on your form. You can add required fields and validation fields to your sign-up form.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

Your email marketing campaigns, which are carefully crafted, are among the opportunities that you can get for success only if you would follow opt-in and permission-based marketing guidelines. We are ensuring the compliance with CAN-SPAM standards.


There are more to opting for bulk email services. You may contact us for further information.