Convert HTML websites to WordPress with website design company India

Convert HTML websites to WordPress with website design company India

Websites, in the beginning, were created with static HTML and text. However, two decades later, with the web evolving at a faster pace, websites have become much more complicated. Now, companies like Exploresys, a website design company in Pune provide richer and enjoyable experiences to visitors.

The innovative HTML to WordPress conversion:

Today, WordPress, in a large way has changed the traditional way of designing websites. Currently, the most used are PSD to WordPress, which was changed from PSD to HTML then HTML to WordPress. Earlier, the HTML websites were all about scripts and styles that were coded with HTML framework, but it slowed the websites. Using the same code for every page led to slow website speed. So, the website design company India came up with a new HTML to WordPress conversion technique.

Advantages involved in WordPress:

Exploresys, a Web design company in Pune provides conversion of the static HTML website into a versatile WordPress platform. WordPress is not just an incredible blogging platform but it provides a plethora of advantages when it comes to creating a website as well.

The Top 5 Reasons to Convert HTML website to WordPress:

1. An Effective CMS

The traditional HTML websites are static with loads of tough codes on the lines and pages. The pages are same as one HTML file with the same design and layout. But, Exploresys, a website design company in Pune offers easy-to-create, update and manage WordPress sites. Although WordPress was developed for purpose of publishing, it is dynamic with functions embedded in the platform.

2. User-Friendly

WordPress is user-friendly with the assistance of 24/7 available community. Its exceptional CMS provides additional themes and plug-ins to make the job of a website design company India easier. The themes are known to provide a definite look and add ultimate features to the websites. With the help of WordPress, coding became less technical, and simple.

3. SEO

WordPress was made to support search engine, which makes it SEO-friendly. It assists search engines to include the definite website to their database. Exploresys, Seo services Providers in Pune offers an assortment of various security features to help users optimize their websites. It is also an incredible platform to get high ranks in the web listings. So, it is best to hire Seo services Providers in Pune for a search engine friendly website.

4. Open Platform

WordPress is very supportive towards the beginners. The huge community of developers keeps releasing the new update that helps users, especially beginners with the current trends in the WordPress domain. Constant support from the active community made it easy for the new users to get involved with WordPress. The support and encouragement received from people across the globe have helped to take this incredible content management system to the next label.

5. Customized Design

The liberty WordPress gives in terms of customizing one’s own website based on the related theme is an added benefit. Exploresys, the Web design company in Pune develops unique websites with WordPress. Customers can customize websites from the range of free as well as premium themes available with WordPress.