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Online Property Selector module#REAL ESTATE


Our Customer is a Award winning Real Estate company, a dilapidated container port has grown to a luxurious Residential Apartments. Its designed to be a residential area but also to be an attraction for visitors. A total of eight building phases and 746 Number of apartments are planned for completion by 2016
Advance Research and development: Considering upcoming Project, the Customer required Research and development and rapid development team and high working performance. Exploresys integrated 4 senior .NET developers who worked 3 Months overtime to study the context of the project and set down to development in a couple of days.
Geographically distributed development. Exploresys was responsible for the solution’s overall development and testing. Our team adopted agile Methodology with the Customer’s team and communication through instant messaging, everyday video conferences, weekly progress reports etc

salient features

  • Most simple yet amazing and User friendly visual interactive User Interface.
  • Visualize and 2D Walk-through your projects on your website mouse over any apartment from selected building and see all details of apartment like Area, Price, Sold Or Unsold.
  • Click on Spaces and see Details like floor plan(Shows 3D / 2D floor plan), Image Gallery, Place Inquiry / Booking.
  • Online booking of the Apartment can be done.
  • Our Filters to help find the Spaces as per the requirement like Area of the Spaces, Floor number, Price Filter.
  • Our Filters to help find the Spaces as per the requirement like Area of the Spaces, Floor number, Price Filter.
  • Responsive and work on all major devices.
  • Optimized for almost all popular browsers.
  • Reduce your sales people’s efforts for explaining the views and location of the Spaces.


Website with Secure Online Purchase and Optimised for all tracking activities done by the user and super fast in Speed to serve thousands of users simultaneously.


From the technology perspective, the solution is a .NET-based application with three-tier architecture. .NET MVC ASP.NET MVC, entity framework, LINQ framework and implemented with C#, while the database layer is built using SQL technology. The system works Responsive and supports all major devices.

Quality Assurance:

An independent Exploresys QA department was involved to cover all the project quality assurance needs The QA team comprised 2 people, who spent 200+ hours on both manual and automated testing, ensuring all aspects of the application function well.

Exploreys performed:
  • Functional testing
  • Graphical interface testing
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Performance testing

As a result, we discovered and fixed all defects before the solution was deployed to production.


Marshaling its finest resources, Exploresys provided substantial help to the Customer in the engineering of an advanced application. With Well Plan Research and development, we managed to accomplish all tasks set by the Customer, meeting the deadlines and budget limitations. The Customer was pleased with the flow and results of collaboration and engaged Exploresys in a similar project.