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Norwegian Medal Campaign to Honor their Soldiers#RETAIL



Huge Traffic on website, Huge Database requirement, Real-time Request tracking, Easy & maintainable architecture
  • There will be thousands of users per hour on the campaign so the challenge is doing most of the stuff on the client side.
  • Client wanted to mix-up the products presentation using A/B testing so challenge is to present the order of products presentation in wizard
  • Client wants to record different type of users ordering on site, like if user is existing customer or new customer based on some combination of fields like email, phone , name.
  • Show dynamic pages in the popup , so that user should not move from actual campaign section.
  • Clients want to record what combination of products customer going for so challenge is to provide a section for picking of a combination of products from CMS and provide different tracking id and email template.
  • the client wants to add e-commerce scripts for tracking script, add goals and event tracking scripts for the campaign so the challenge here is these scripts are different for a different combination of products.
  • Payment Option DIBS
  • Client wants the list of Customers who didn’t finish the order process and left in between some products page and later they send the URL to those client using which the fields will auto fill move the client to the step where he/she left, Challenge here to record each step or action of the user.
  • Client have their internal SAP system and they need to export the customers who ordered coins in CSV files after every 2 hours in their FTP folder which they take internally for processing

salient features

  • Norwegian Medal Campaign to Honor their Soldiers
  • Dynamic presentation of products
  • Optimized code to handle thousands of concurrent users
  • E-commerce module with payment integration
  • Donation module for poor people
  • User friendly responsive UI
  • CSV reports every hour to client’s Team
  • 50k+ users registered during 10 days of campaign


Website with Secure Online Purchase and Optimised for all tracking activities done by the user and super fast in Speed to serve thousands of users simultaneously.


From the technology perspective, the solution is a .NET-based application with three-tier architecture. .NET MVC ASP.NET MVC, entity framework, LINQ framework and implemented with C#, while the database layer is built using SQL technology. The system works Responsive and supports all major devices.

Quality Assurance:

An independent Exploresys QA department was involved to cover all the project quality assurance needs The QA team comprised 1 people, who spent 50+ hours on both manual and automated testing, ensuring all aspects of the application function well.

Exploreys performed:
  • Functional testing
  • Graphical interface testing
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Performance testing

As a result, we discovered and fixed all defects before the solution was deployed to production.


Marshaling its finest resources, Exploresys provided substantial help to the Customer in the engineering of an advanced application. With Well Plan Research and development, we managed to accomplish all tasks set by the Customer, meeting the deadlines and budget limitations. The Customer was pleased with the flow and results of collaboration and engaged Exploresys in a similar project.